Thursday, August 16, 2012

Business card makeover

I have a confession to make. I have boring business cards. Plain, boring business cards.

Nothing to write home about, right? I spent last night trying to come up with a new concept.  Drew some logos, scanned them in, played with my tablet and HATED everything that I was coming up with. In a desperate attempt to be productive, I took my old cards and doctored them up a bit. I think the end result is at least a little more interesting. If not interesting than at least a little more personal.

A little bit of stitching, a few bright buttons and they're a little more me. I still intend to come up with new cards (which will most likely feature the fabric peacock feathers), but these will do for now. For now I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous weather and listen to my neighbor practice (classical singing). Perhaps a wolf update soon? Maybe? It's almost done. But then again, it's been "almost done" for months. Until then,


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