Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I've been up to and other things

Well, hello again! Lack of posts are due to lack of time and lack of new work, unfortunately. The images above are some shots I took of a baby blanket that I made for a family friend. It's just a basic two piece, yellow fleece with appliqued bunnies and stitched detailing. Looks simple, right? I thought so too when I was planning it out. It took a great deal longer than I had anticipated but luckily I was able to finish in time. I also realized that I loathe fleece. It's extremely hard to sew both by hand and on machine (I finally got around to playing with my new baby!) I'm kind of sad I didn't get a better shot of the finished blanket. I took several but they all came out blurry. Sigh.

As for what's to come next... I'm not really sure. I'm (very) recently unemployed and have really started focusing on job hunting and it's a bit overwhelming. I sympathize for those of you that have been diligently looking since graduation. I'm not quite sure how you do it since I've already gone a little nutty. That might just be from the heat, though. I have a few new project ideas but I think that what I really need to do is just sit down and draw things out. Hopefully I'll get to something new within the next couple days. Other than that not much is new. I guess that's all until something exciting comes up or I have new work to share. Keep on, keeping on!