Monday, February 6, 2012

Adventures in sewing...machines.

I'd like to call the above "Quest for the Gray Fabric". It didn't turn out so well, but at least it forced me to organize. I've upgraded from a large basket of "good fabric" and a trunk full of miscellaneous scraps, to storage drawers of good fabric and... a trunk full of scraps. Baby steps, I say.

This year I promised myself that I would make more of an effort to use my Pfaff. While I'm still moderately terrified that I'm going to break the darn thing, I've found that sewing machines are pretty resilient. They don't like 30 year old thread, though. Highly advise against it. Seriously, bad idea. So ancient thread aside, I'm working on developing a relationship with my machine. Learning what it likes, what it doesn't, what it absolutely cannot do, etc. Essentially, I'm taking it slow doing little projects here and there. For my first actual, productive project I decided I'd test out these awesome chapstick cozies that I found here. They're an easy weekend project and absolutely adorable. If you do decide to test them out, I highly recommend adding a strap to the bottom. I found that without cette strap the chapstick slid out pretty easily. I also recommend snaps as opposed to velcro.

Not much else is new. I have tons of ideas but not enough time to execute them in. Or I get distracted. I find that I get distracted easily. Oh, well.